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the bootee of sanity

July 2, 2010

Yesterday I came dangerously close to throwing books at the wall. I am in the middle of a desperately dull project for work which I am mostly coping with because it is part of the price I pay for having work that can be fitted around a lot of other commitments. However, mid-afternoon I reached the point where I really had to take a break or scream. It seemed important to make something and I needed to make it fast if I was to conquer the book-throwing temptation and avoid missing the work deadline (the last thing I needed was to prolong the agony).

In my experience, creativity and speed rarely work well together. In knitting terms at least, the result is usually something that has to be unravelled the next day. However, there is a pattern that brings almost instant gratification, not to mention choruses of oohs and aahs from anyone who sees it: Saartjee’s bootees.

Armed with this little piece of genius, some wool and some needles, I took myself off to the bedroom and switched on Radio 4. After half an Afternoon Play and a quick ramble around Hampshire with Clare Balding, I had most of a bootee and almost all of my sanity. There is something about garter stitch that is particularly soothing.

In the evening, I did about another hour’s knitting and end-weaving and the whole bootee was finished, bar the buttons.

Choosing buttons for such a cute little item is, of course, an extremely serious business.

What is even more satisfying is that this tiny object has an intended recipient. Friends of ours are about to produce their first baby and there is no way I am going to finish the kimono cardigan that I started only a few days ago in time for his* arrival. (Obviously this matches the bootee but the computer is not showing the colours well.)

Instead, I can present the bootees with a promise of bigger things to come: they feel happy and I have dealt with the ridiculous situation of feeling stressed about something I do to relax. Thank you, Saartje!

* As a pregnant woman I never wanted to know the sex of our children in advance; as a knitter I feel terribly grateful to friends who do.

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  1. July 4, 2010 11:44 pm

    You’re right, choosing buttons for these little gems is SO important!


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