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I started this blog in the short, dark days of December 2009. It was an experiment: I wanted to see if the discipline of doing something creative every day would help with the low moods that tend to assail me in winter.

It worked! And I enjoyed it more than I would have imagined. So I have spring-cleaned the original version and established this more permanent space. I will be writing about anything and everything that interests me, with a particular emphasis on ways of promoting resilience and mental wellbeing.

The caim and the coracle are key concepts from Celtic Christianity. Those early followers of Jesus had an extraordinary insight into the sacramental nature of the objects we use in our everyday life. The caim was an encircling prayer that affirmed this sense of God being present at all times and in everything we do. You can find a modern example here.

The coracle was the small boat that the Celtic Christians used to sail from island to island. Anyone who has stood on the rocky Atlantic shores known to the Celts will wonder at the faith required to navigate those waters in such a tiny craft. The coracle is a powerful and challenging symbol of trust.

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  1. Helen Carter permalink
    December 6, 2009 12:00 am

    I think this is a marvellous idea and well illustrated by what has been written and the attached photos.

    I have great admiration for someone who is finding it difficult to get through the winter season and yet still commits to completing a daily blog.

    Will keep my eye on postings.

  2. December 6, 2009 5:06 pm

    What a lovely idea this is. I too sometimes find myself in dark places where it is hard to see any kind of light at all. During these times I have to remind myself that the dark will not last for ever, sooner or later I will come out of it and things will begin to look brighter. I have come to accept this after years of trying to fight it, which only makes me feel worthless and angry, as if I am not part of what ever everyone else is or has, (if that makes sense)
    When I finally start to feel better, I take delight in doing quite simple things, such as cleaning out a cupboard, or taking the dog for a walk, stopping and having a chat with someone in the street.
    Keep up with this blog the photos are stunning!

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